What Makes Chocolate Kosher?

Non-Jewish people may have a lot of misconceptions about kosher food. Some think the term refers to any Jewish food. Many people believe that kosher food is better than other food, because gourmet chefs also prefer it in many cases, but they aren’t sure why it is better. The truth is that certified kosher food has been proven to be harvested or prepared to meet certain guidelines that promote sanitation and purity, and some of the Jewish dietary laws may be beneficial to people on other diets and those with certain allergies.

What is Kosher?


 The definition that appears on Google says,
ko·sher kōSHər
adjective (of food, or premises in which food is sold, cooked, or eaten) satisfying the requirements of Jewish law.

 To put it very simply, God laid down laws in the Torah stating what food was proper to eat. These laws are still upheld with the strictest standards today. They determine which animals may be eaten, how they are prepared, when to eat certain fruits and vegetables, and more.

Basic laws for kosher food:

  • Kosher food must be certified by a rabbinical authority before it is sold.
  • It must not have come into contact with a non-kosher food.
  • The plant and the handling facilities must be guaranteed free of pests.
  • No ingredient used in the food product can be non-kosher.

Here is a link that explains the Jewish dietary laws in more detail, What is “Kosher”?

How Kosher Applies to Chocolate

Kosher chocolate meets Jewish dietary laws as stated in the link above. Also, most chocolate manufacturers substitute cocoa butter with cocoa butter substitutes. This way the pure cocoa butter can be sold to maximize profit. These substitutes may contain ingredients that are not kosher, so kosher chocolate is made with only the pure cocoa butter.

What is Kosher Pareve?

Kosher foods can include meat, but the term pareve, or parve means that the food contains no dairy and no meat. Kosher pareve chocolate contains no dairy products and has not be processed on machinery that has come in contact with dairy or meat. This helps Jewish people eat foods at celebrations where no dairy is permitted. Jewish law also states that meat and dairy are not allowed to be eaten together. This would be another important reason for Jewish people to have food labelled kosher pareve.

 The strict guidelines for kosher pareve foods happen to be great for vegans, vegetarians, and those who can’t eat dairy.

 Fun Fact:

I, the writer of this post, recently began working at the kosher chocolate store, Designer Chocolate, and this is be the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten.

It’s Your Time:

What kind of misconceptions have you had about kosher food?


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