One Surprising Trick To Beat The Monday Blues

Are you completely done with Mondays? Well, you aren’t alone. Most of us dread Monday. There is something about recommitting ourselves to a routine we are unhappy with that makes it seem ten thousand times worse. It starts all over again, another whole week of boredom, frustration, disappointment, and often ill-treatment. It doesn’t have to be that way, and you can begin changing it today. No investment. No risky changes. No fear of failure. Until you are ready to take those risks.

What is the worst thing about Monday? The sameness. The inevitable commitment to more of the same things that you couldn’t bear last week.

So, what’s the answer to sameness? Change something.

It doesn’t have to be big. You’re already busy, and it isn’t usually wise to stop what you’re doing cold turkey and start that new business you’ve been dreaming of with no safety net. Many life changes require learning and skill development. Maybe you simply need to change your routine so you can do more of what makes life worth living. It’s surprising how hard those “simple” changes can be. 

Begin making your Mondays suck less by establishing a new routine. I’m suggesting a little step, so don’t panic. Add a “life improvement” task to your to-do list for each and every Monday. You don’t have to know what it is yet. The most important thing is to have a specific time set each Monday to improve something. 

Give yourself a few weeks to establish this new habit. Most of us can’t immediately jump into a new habit, so don’t beat yourself up if the first couple of Mondays you realize just before bed that you forgot to do a life improvement task. It’s often those realizations that help us remember to get the thing done.

Here are some example “life improvement” tasks to get you started:

  • Read articles about a career you’re interested in
  • Join a mailing list that will give you career tips, information on your craft, or provide links to opportunities
  • Volunteer(skills gained when volunteering boost your confidence, make you a better all-around person, and look great on resumes)
  • Explore a hobby, be it a sport, an art, one dealing with people, or anything that makes you compete
  • Borrow a reference book on a career that interests you from your local library
  • Sign up for financial aid to go back to school
  • Research courses you could take
  • Designated “you” time
  • Designated family time
  • Quality time doing a special activity with one of the kids(and one with another child next week)Got The Monday Blues?
  • Speak to someone who has the career you want
  • Try out your desired profession for free
    • some places let you volunteer
    • if you want to start a restaurant, for instance, cook some of the dishes you would make and share them with others to see how they like them. People may start offering to pay and you may be well on your way to that new business.

The point of this idea is to replace the sameness in Mondays with hope. And not just any vain hope either, because this plan involves concrete activities that will get you closer to a real-life change, whether you need a new career or more time to enjoy your life.

It’s Your Time:

What little thing could you do to improve or change your career next Monday?


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